Arranging Joint Function/Get together of all the religion with religious leader on the stage to teach/preach/create awareness about the Inter-religious on Harmony, meaning of God/Religion/Humanity for bringing togetherness and reducing the rivalry attitude and hatredness between Inter-religious communities and promote Communal harmony.
Anything to do for bringing harmony and better inter-religious relations. Negotiating and empowering the leaders first the leaders first then mass. Participating in other religious functions and create awareness about other religions and their practice of worship and preachings
Providing basic facilities like primary education, primary health and awareness about their rights and empowering them and their children to live at par with others inb the society with dignity and pride
Financial and Social Aids/Mobilisation in case of disasters and un-foressen events like communal riots and natural calamities.
Supply and Implementation of Solar lights in Rural Sector – [Light Towers One each/Village]
Plantation and tree planting programs especially at rural sectors to create echo-friendly and green planet concepts.
Empowering and Transformation of Prisoners and their family.
Visiting all the Jails and Empowering the Prisoners.