Dr. S. Pruthviraja Pande

Dr. S. Pruthviraja Pande
Founder and Managing Trustee

Self Made and Astute Professional with comprehensive experience of over 3 decades and year-on-year success in spearheading multi-faceted functions encompassing Banking Operations, General Administration, Human Resource Management, Research & Development and Teaching. Initial 7 Years in Teaching, 22 years experience in State Bank of India in the Managerial level, 7 years experience in the Indian Air Force as Flying Officer and 1 year in All India Radio as an Announcer in Kannada Language

Phone: 9449029973
Location: No. 2577, 2nd Floor, 2nd Cross, 17th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560008
Degrees: (D.Litt), Ph.D, M.Phil, MBA(HRM), M.A, M.Com, AMIBM, MBA (IBM), D LE & TC, DFT
  • Adept in planning, directing and coordinating operational activities at the highest level of management; strong business acumen with skills to remain on the cutting edge and drive new business; strong ability to manage operations of large groups with leadership qualities & organisational skills.
  • Hands on exposure in various facets of personnel administration thereby garnered strong capabilities in Recruitment, Selection, Training & Development, Manpower Planning, Orientation, Career Development, Grievance Handling and Employee Motivation.
  • Expertise in managing the entire gamut of Banking Operations including General Banking, “P” Segment Banking, Advances including Term Loan, Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit Facilities, Gold Loan, Treasury Banking, Commercial Borrowings, External Finance, Export Finance, RBI-Liaison, Cash Management and Loans & Recoveries.
  • Deft in conceptualising and implementing financial procedures, including working capital management, and internal financial controls.
  • A focussed professional with solid grounding in Film Production & Direction with strong ability to come up with ideas, which connects with masses; proficient in independently producing & designing of various Radio Programs, Documentaries and Independent Television Serial Projects; created Story and Screen Play for Films & Serials.
  • Proactive and team oriented with proven acumen to lead & manage diverse and large teams; effective communicator with exceptional presentation skills.


  • Managing the recruitment life-cycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources after identification of manpower requirements for new / existing departments as per budgetary norms and attrition.
  • Aligning individual objectives to company objectives; managing performance by pre-set goals by facilitating Performance Management System and process administration for the vertical; formulating & implementing increment, incentive & other remuneration policies; ensuring prompt resolution of employee grievances to maintain cordial management-employee relations and achieve dedication by workers.
  • Liaising with external agencies, government authorities and officers for statutory returns such as PF, Labour License & other returns; ensuring strict compliance with the statutory requirements.

Training & Development

  • Determining training needs, identifying training gaps, & conducting programmes to enhance their operational efficiency leading to increased productivity.
  • Designing & developing modules & customizing training programmes based on the need analysis; creating content and rolling out of all kinds of trainings across the organisation.
  • Creating and implementing Training Framework; driving the same across the company in different levels; planning and delivering Induction training for staff across the country; conducting reviews & providing feedback on areas of improvements; assessing training effectiveness with pre and post training audits.

General Administration

  • Developing & implementing budgets & annual plans for managing facilities as per organisational needs.
  • Planning & controlling all elements of facility with responsibility of managing cost improvement programmes; spearheading various administrative functions such as maintenance of equipment, transportation and record keeping.
  • Ensuring proper maintenance of building services (electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing, fire fighting, landscaping, housekeeping, civil works, etc.).

Banking Operations

  • Managing overall operations including lending, product sales, customer service and security & safety; appraising credit proposals & scrutinizing relevant documents before sanctioning / disbursing the credit, ensuring compliance with organizational credit policies.
  • Monitoring physical cash position and disposing the surplus cash or arranging cash for daily needs; monitoring the receipt of inward cheques/ submission of outward cheques to clearing house in time, managing clearing house; keeping track of Cheque Collections and DD Purchases (Cheques & Bills).
  • Formulating and implementing effective debt realisation mechanisms pertaining to bad debt accounts of individuals, firms and corporate; supervising approval of loan proposals & sanctioning credits after appraising solvency status & verifying documents as well as post sanction follow-up and disbursal of loan; ensuring recoveries through appropriate legal actions.

Film / Radio Production & Direction

  • Deciding on the framework on the basis of which story is interpreted/ presented on the screen; leading the Production Team for appropriate selection of actors, designers and technical staff based on the character/ role requirements.
  • Choosing an idea, script, book or play to turn into a Television / Radio Programme; managing pre-production and post production activities and ensuring that the project is completed within the targeted time frame; ensuring quality of the finished product, monitor editing and mastering of films.
  • Building story & content, creating plots & character; creating subplots & tracks to support the main story; conceiving, designing and producing programme translations; developing compelling script and ensuring adherence to requirements like language, punch lines, grammar, content, etc.; reviewing script / screenplay to ensure best realisation of the theme.
  • Conducted Corporate and HR Trainings on Motivation, Morality Workshops in many Industries and Universities, in Cuttuck, Orissa, Belgaum in Karnataka, Bangalore, Shimoga and Madhurai
  • Participated in many UGC Seminars at different Universities like Madhurai, Uthkal, VBR, Bangalore and Ravenshaw Universities.
  • Participated in leading many Mediations & Settlements of Industrial Disputes, Industrial Relations, Counselling both in family and organisational matters.
  • Wrote 14 hear-touching and Inspiring Novels in Kannada including more than 800 Poems in Kannada, out of which 3 Books are already published and the 4th one is under Publication Process.
  • Awaiting for Instructions from University Research Committee for both VIVA and CONVOCATION from Department of Management, RCU, Belagavi
  • HR & Personality Development Trainer and Visiting Professor in Ravenshaw University, Cuttack and Madurai Universities

Significant Contributions

  • Successfully taught various subjects such as Business Management, Organisational Management, Human Resources Management, Banking Theory & Practice, Personnel Administration, International Finance, Corporate Finance, Business Administration, etc. University students.
  • Fostered the success of all students by implementing instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences.
  • Identified, selected & modified instructional resources to meet the needs of the students with varying backgrounds.
  • Provided a positive environment in which students are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process.
  • Carried out regular assessment of pupil performance; assessing and reporting on subject strengths and areas for development at different stages.
  • Planned & organised day-to-day research activities and resolving procedural problems as appropriate to the timely completion of research objectives; developed specifications for raw materials, intermediates, finished products & recovered solvents; undertook calibration, operation & maintenance of laboratory research equipment.
  • Contributed to the publication and/or presentation of results.
  • Instrumental in organising personality development workshops in various industries and for students to enhance their morality & motivated them through periodical trainings.
  • Presently working on a project with the Karnataka State Education Department to periodically train, motivate and provide moral education to teachers of the Government Primary and High Schools.
  • Excellent track record of developing a package to motivate and train students of 9th, 10th, I and II year PUC by conducting personality development programs.
  • Lead Seminars on Motivation, Morality and HR Trainings to both students and lecturers of the University

Significant Contributions

  • Demonstrated excellence in managing the entire gamut of Branch Operations including Heading Advances for Industries, Small Business Enterprises, Personal Banking, Government Banking, Pensions & Provident Fund Sections and Branch Banking Operations.
  • Excellent track record of managing MICR Clearing, ECS Clearing, Data Migration from General Banking to Core Banking, Rural Banking and Agricultural Banking Operations.
  • Played a key role in handling large Corporate Clients such as BHEL, BEML, NGEF, HAL, IAF, INDIAN ARMY, LRDE, DRDO, GTRE and ITI.
  • Improved employee morale by conducting monthly Personality Development Workshops for staff in order to motivate them to enhance the productivity and performance; organised training to boost their morality by circulating articles on Human Resources Development.
  • Formulated and designed training modules for HR on General Personality Development, Motivation, Morality, Attitude, Time Management, Training Program for Students, Team Management, Leadership, etc.

Significant Contributions

  • Successfully conducted various programmes such as Daily Announcing, Scheduling Programs, Programs on Sports, Music, Talk Shows on Agriculture & Manufacturing Industries, Light Music Programs and Reading Local News.
  • Produced & Announced Programmes like Yuvavani which interacts and motivates the youth which use to get transmitted every day in the evening.
  • Write and Announce Met-Reports every day [Havaamaana varadhi]

Significant Contributions

  • Successfully handled operations related with Radar Surveillance, Air Traffic Control, Fighter Control & Met Department.
  • Participated in Republic Day Parade in 1984
  • Specially trained on Guided Weapons, Missiles, Air Surveillance and Signal Unit
  • D.Litt [Industrial Management] Submitted the FINAL Research Theses in Rani Chennamma University, Belagavi, and Waiting for URCs Instructions
  • Ph.D. (Industrial Management) from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Orissa awarded in 2012.
  • MBA (Human Resources Management) from Rai University, Bangalore with 74% marks in 2006.
  • MBA (International Business Management) from Rai University, Bangalore with 75% marks in 2006.
  • M.Phil. (Management) from Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu with 58% marks in 2008.
  • AMIBM (Business Management) from Institution of Business Management, Chennai with 59% marks in 1989.
  • M.Com. (Business Management) from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra with 60% marks in 2000.
  • M.A. (Public Administration) from Osmania University, Hyderabad with 55% marks in 1986.
  • B.A. (History, Political Science & Public Administration) from Osmania University, Hyderabad with 53% marks in 1985.
  • Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication from Air Force Technical College, Bangalore with 1st Class marks in 1983.
  • Diploma in Film Technology from R.K. Institute for Film Technology, Pune with 1st Class marks in 1986.
  • Undergone training in various topics of HR such as Motivation, Morality, Productivity, Attitude, Self-realisation, Self-Expression, Leadership and Performance.
  • Organised Personality Development Trainings & Workshops in Schools, Industries and Corporate.
  • Brahma Gnana and Introspection Masters – Yogiraj Vedadhri Maharshi Kundalini Yoga & Kayakalpa Research Foundation, Aliyar, Tamil Nadu.
  • Personality Development & Leadership -Trained at Shanthiniketan [W.B]
  • Mastered Fully in Land Mark Education Forum Leadership Curriculum, lead and conducted many Seminars including Leadership, Motivation, Self-Expression, ILP
  • Study of Application of Queuing Technology in Banking Industries.
  • The Compulsions and Implications of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Banking Industry, a University Grant Commission sponsored Programme.
  • Study of Application of Industrial Relations for Better Quality and Productivity in the Manufacturing Industries in Karnataka State, Research Study for Ph.D. in Industrial Management.
  • Internet and Core Banking Merits on International Business and Finance, a study conducted during M.B.A.
  • Directed Serials for D.D & Udaya TV
  • Directed Advertisements, Short Films and Feature Film & Mega Serial in Kannada.
  • Organised & managed various events along with product launching.
  • Undertook study
  • Played a pivotal role in developing curriculum for living from Landmark Education Forum specifically designed to bring about positive and permanent shifts in quality of life; the major features of this curriculum are:
    • These shifts served as the direct cause for a new & unique kind of freedom and power.
    • The Landmark Forum took one beyond a mere understanding of possibility and provided a direct access to the dimension of possibility itself.
    • The Advanced Course is based on the premise that each one can enjoy that life now – an extraordinary life, a life of possibilities; almost everything we know argues that living powerfully is accomplished by skilfully building on past.
    • Self-expression & Leadership: Each one experiences a sense of possibility – moments where we imagine things as they could be, and yet we hold back; concerned with circumstance, what others might think, or lack of interest; the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program provided the know-how to establish an environment that invited & allowed self-expression.
  • Completed courses on Stress-Management, Leadership, Self-realisation, Pranayama and Moksha by Ramakrishna Mission.
  • Organised various Cultural, Entertainment and Socialisation & Community Development Programmes such as Blood Donation Camps, Awareness Creating Seminars, Sponsored Programmes like Happy New Year Celebrations, Excursions, Live shows, Product launching/Promotional Events and Other Religious Functions like Thyagaraja Aaradhane, Jesudas Night, Rajan & Nagendra Nights, etc.
  • The Study and Impact of Industrial Relations on Quality & Productivity in Manufacturing Industries – SPLINT International Journal of Professionals – ISSN 2349-6045 – (Vol – II, No.1) January, 2015
  • Study of Whether the Organisational Type is a Significant Factor to Be Considered in Industrial Relations – A Management Research Article published in an International Magazine. (RVIM Journal of Management Research, Bangalore).
  • Study The Respondent’s Differ Significantly on Their Opinion on Industrial Relations based on Demographic Variables like Gender, Qualification, Age, Grade of Employment and Scale of Employment – A Management Research Article published in an International Magazine (Scholar One Manuscripts).
  • Study of Impact and Compulsion of Financial Recession on Industries in Karnataka State – Article published in Kannada News Paper “Samyuktha Karnataka, Bangalore”.
  • Study on Equality and Equal Job Opportunities to Women – Published in Kannada News Paper “Samyuktha Karnataka,Bangalore”.
  • Study on Whether Improvements in Industrial Relations brings Settlement of Conflicts and Builds up Harmonious Relations within an Organisation – A Management Research Article published in South Asian Academic Research Journal, Haryana.
  • Impact of Industrial Relations for better Quality and Productivity in Manufacturing Industries in Globus International Journal of Management, New Delhi.
  • Analysis & Identifying the Important Elements of Success in Industrial Relations for better Quality & Productivity in Manufacturing Industries by Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics & Management, Yamuna Nagar, India.
  • The Study and Impact of Industrial Relations on Quality of Worklife of the Work force in the Public-Sector Manufacturing Industries by VBR Business Review Pune.
  • Impact of Existence of Less-Performing Human Resources on Quality and Productivity in the Manufacturing Industries by International Journal of Marketing, Financial services, & Management Research, Haryana, India.
  • Study and Analysis of the Impact of Trade unions and the inefficiency of Less performing Workforce in Manufacturing Industries by IJBMSS, an International Journal of Business, Management & Social Sciences, Pune, India.
  • Study of the Less-Performing HR’s Impact on growth and Profitability whereas, the Periodical Training provided will eliminate even these demerits in Manufacturing Industries by Asian Journal of Management Sciences Aurangabad, India
  • Improvements in IR brings Settlement of Conflicts within an Organisation especially in the Manufacturing Industries in Karnataka State by Academicia, an International Multidisciplinary Research Journal, USA.
  • Study and analysis of the job opportunities and other social welfare aspects have much impact on growth and productivity of industry by RVIM Journal of Research Management, Bangalore, India
  • The Study and to Analysis of how the better performance of Human Resources brings the progress in manufacturing industries which, impacts the overall industrial progress – Zenith International Publications – 2014
  • National Seminar at Dept. Of Commerce & Management, Mount Carmel college, Bangalore University, Resource Person: Compulsion for banking mergers and acquisitions in the global and national Scenario at BES College, Bangalore
  • 66th All India Commerce Conference of the Indian Commerce Association and National Seminar on Inclusive Growth and Sustainability – Role of Commerce Education in India Dated 05th – 07th December -2013, Participated & Presented Research Seminar Paper
  • I International INAAR Convention Global Changes & Challenges – its Impact on Commerce, Management, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences by Indo Global Chamber of Commerce at MCCJA, Tilak Road Pune – Participated and Paper Presented – Study and Analysis of the Impact of Trade Unions and the Efficiency of Less-performing workforce in Manufacturing Industries.
  • ITI Ancillary Industrial Estate: Couple of Small Scale, Medium Scale and Large Scale Industries which are in to Manufacturing Activities
  • National Law University: Cuttack, Orissa
  • M.B.A, Rai University: Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
  • Sarvodaya College of Pre-University, Ramamurthy Nagar, K.R.Puram, Bangalore
  • Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT): Both at Bangalore Campus & Tumkur Campus
  • Final Degree Students: Kushagra Institute of Information & Management Sciences, Cuttack, Orissa
  • PHD & M.PHIL Scholars: Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Orissa
  • M. Sc & M. Com Students: Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Orissa
  • M.B.A & M.C.A. Students: Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Orissa
  • Bhrashtaachaaradhaththa Nishtaru: Book on Corruption in Karnataka State by The Politicians and Bureaucrats Covering From Corruption to Illegal Mining in Kannada- Published by M/s. Divya Chandra Prakashana, Bangalore.
  • Kavana Samkirna: A Collection of more than 800 Poems Touching Social Concerns like Poverty, Education, Corruption, Village Life, A Women, Pride of Nation, etc. written in Kannada- Negotiating to be Published by M/s. Divya Chandra Prakashana, Bangalore.
  • Janaranjini : A touching Novel in Kannada which is a book of Social Concern, Published by Hemanth Saahithya of Bangalore
  • Parivarthane: A Novel of a Story on Humanity & Transformation, accepted and processed for Publication by Sadhana Publications
  • Sanaathana Dharmaartha Saara : The overall translation of our sanathana veda/Upanishad/puranas & clarifying our sanathana Dharma in common kannada language – under publishing process
  • Sanathana 19 Puranas: Summary of all the 19 Puranas including Sri Madh Devi Bhagavatha Purana (Under Edit for Publication)
  • Jeevana Sathyaartha Prakaasha: A book on life and religion in kannada common language for a common man – yet to be published
  • Invented, Designed and Developed an Engineering Module to produce Electricity from the Opponent Air in Railways and Automobiles and submitted to the Ministry of Indian Railways.
  • Invented, Designed and Developed an Engineering Module to produce the Electricity from the Gravitational and Magnetic Force and the Module is under Testing.
  • Invented a Module to Produce the Electricity from the Horizontal Tides of the Sea and the Model is still under Development.
  • Invented work under process of usage of the Solar Energy in the Automobile Industry for Tomorrow